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Our StoryWhile on a buying trip for Beyond Sense the idea of Innosense struck me. I vividly remember coming across a stackable ring and being completely fascinated. That’s when the light in my mind turned on. I was sleepless at the thought of all the possibilities of designs and combinations I could have from even only a handful of different bands. I brought some bands back with me and started making my own designs. Before long I could not keep up with the demand and instantly realized that wouldn’t it be nice if people could design their own to exactly how they wanted. That was the birth of INNOSENSE.


Innosense is here to deliver the most stunning sterling silver stackable rings with the power of gemstones that can be mixed and matched. Our mission is to inspire all women to feel the sense of creativity in their self expression and define beauty by themselves.

We are determined to give our customers the most personalized accessory experience. We aspire to become the most recognized brand of jewellery, that allows you to feel liberated in your choices.

We advocate out of the box thinking and breaking of conventions. Creativity, integrity ,sophistication and style form the foundation of our brand. We strongly believe in the pursuit of perfection and are committed to provide the finest and meticulously crafted stackable rings and bands.

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